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A look at our diversity numbers

From the early days of our founding, Puppet has always cared deeply about diversity and inclusion. In 2015, Puppet joined the TechTown Diversity Pledge. The intention of this pledge was to achieve greater diversity in Portland’s technology industry where Puppet is headquartered and for Puppet to learn how to create a more positive impact in all the communities we work in around the world. One key part of the pledge was for the cohort of companies to share their diversity data to provide more visibility to the community. While diversity numbers are only a small measure of the true positive momentum, I believe it is extremely important for companies to share their results to improve visibility on collectively where we are improving and challenge areas needing extra focus.

Today, I am excited to share that Puppet is posting our diversity numbers to our website. These numbers are previewed below along with an update on our new Puppet IDEA council which creates a platform for team members around the globe to make a positive impact, oversee and assess the effectiveness of our inclusion, diversity, equity and access (IDEA) efforts, introduce reform and/or innovation when needed, and help drive organizational change in partnership with our People team and executive leadership.

Our diversity numbers

Gender and race are two important types of diversity and yet many other types of diversity are equally important such as sexual orientation, age, religion and spiritual belief, physical & mental abilities, socioeconomic status, and more. Given privacy, data access, and regulatory requirements, we're able to identify stats for binary gender globally and the stats for race for U.S-based teams. Because race is optionally reported in the US, there is a large non-specified section under the race demographics. The data below is for 2018 and 2019; after year end we will update our 2020 data as well.

Puppet gender  blog
Puppet race  blog

As a team, we are happy to see some positive improvements in some areas and recognize there is much more work to be done. For Puppet this is particularly true as it relates to racial diversity and women in technical roles. Comparing 2019 to 2018, while we are slightly more diverse by race as a company overall, we are less racially diverse as a company in the senior leadership and management ranks. As it relates to women in technical roles, in 2018 we had 16.97% of our women in technical roles and that increased to 19.27% in 2019. While I am pleased to see this number trending in the right direction, we still have fewer underrepresented genders in technical roles at Puppet than I would like. These are both key areas of focus for us as we further grow and scale Puppet over the next several years.

Building more diversity in a company takes persistence, continued education and should be viewed as a marathon and not a sprint. While not perfect, we are committed to making a bigger difference over time and hope you will join us in these efforts.

Puppet’s IDEA council

Puppet has always invested in diversity and inclusion efforts through activities such as our ally skills workshops, hiring practices, pay equity practices, and other talent processes, such as performance management. To take our efforts to the next level, Puppet has formed an Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access (IDEA) council. We specifically called this the IDEA council and include inclusion, diversity, equity and access in the scope of work because we deeply believe that all of these elements are equally important to moving the needle for currently underrepresented populations in tech:

  • Inclusion - Sense of belonging and connection in all that we do because we feel welcomed and encouraged to bring our uniqueness to Puppet
  • Diversity - Value and appreciate the different perspectives we each bring based on all dimensions of diversity
  • Equity - Fair treatment for all. When equity exists, people have equal access to opportunities
  • Access - Meaningful pathways for underrepresented communities into Puppet, and the tech community at large

The vision of the IDEA council is rooted in the people of Puppet, where every team member can bring their authentic self to work and achieve their true potential. The council is composed of a diverse group of 12 team members from around the globe empowered to make a positive impact, oversee and assess the effectiveness of our efforts, introduce reform and/or innovation when needed, and help drive organizational change across our four key pillars. Each pillar of the IDEA council has a designated pillar lead, who, along with their pillar colleagues, set strategic goals and measures of success for Puppet and our communities.

Through the council, a collective of perspectives and voices will deliver programs that influence policy and foster a culture of inclusion, diversity, equity, and access at Puppet. While the IDEA council has just been launched, their energy, passion and commitment to impact is strong and I can’t wait to see the impact they will enable us to have as we work together to positively impact the world of tech. One pillar in particular, diversity, is taking the approach to inspire us all at Puppet to put “Diversity First” when thinking about problems or making decisions in whatever roles we hold. One activity they’re taking on now is the roll out of Employee Resource Groups (ERG), which are voluntary groups of individuals formed around shared experiences or a common background or identification. ERGs provide opportunities for underrepresented groups to build connections, influence company decision-making, and strengthen our community through dialog, education, professional development, and fun.

Building a diverse and inclusive company is hard but powerful and I am committed to doing the work it takes with the team to make a difference. As part of these efforts we value our partnership with TechTown and others because there is so much we can learn from other companies and additional benefit we can get from combining our efforts. Please join us on the journey to creating great diversity, inclusion, access and equity in tech by sharing your data, ideas, successes and challenges. Only together will we truly be able to move the needle forward.

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