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Automate the deployment of your Windows servers, install Windows software across multiple machines, build and deploy IIS, manage software patches, run PowerShell scripts, and even deploy Windows Azure machines. Whether you’re using vRealize to manage your hybrid cloud or SCCM to deploy changes, Puppet integrates with your existing toolchain. Find information on installing and configuring Bolt and Puppet Enterprise (PE), so you can begin bringing machines into a desired state and keeping them there through automation.
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Get up and running automating ad-hoc tasks with Bolt.

Learn how to use PE to configure and manage essential parts of your infrastructure.

Perform common tasks, such as managing PowerShell DSC resources, with our supported Windows modules on the Forge. These modules are developed and maintained by Puppet. Usage details and code examples are included in each module’s README.

Learn more

Check out our Forge guide to automating patch management.

Write your own Puppet code with the VScode extension — full Puppet DSL intellisense, syntax highlighting, and Puppet command support.

Learn about patching, managing SharePoint, and more, in our collection of Windows blogs.

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