Documentation in PDF

We provide PDFs of documentation for currently maintained versions of Puppet products. PDFs are updated nightly, so they might be slightly out-of-date at the time of download. For the most up-to-date changes, download fresh copies.

Additionally, PDFs are not our primary delivery format, so you might notice some quirks, for example:

  • Documentation that’s sourced from open source component repositories, such as Puppet Server and some reference docs, are omitted from PDFs.
  • Code blocks don’t display well in PDF. We’ve preserved accurate formatting of code blocks, rather than inserting artificial line breaks. To see code blocks that overrun the page in PDF, copy and paste them into a text editor.
Puppet Enterprise2021.y
Open Source Puppet7.y
Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise4.x
Azure Marketplace Image user guide1.0
Amazon Web Services Marketplace Image user guide1.0
Puppet Plug-in for VMware vRealize Automation3.x
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