Getting started on Windows

Welcome to Puppet Enterprise (PE) getting started for Windows users. These pages demonstrate some essential tasks to start using PE, either to help you set up an initial installation for actual deployment, or as a way for you to try out some fundamentals of configuration management.

This guide walks you through setting up a PE deployment.. The various sections of the getting started guide show you how to automate some basic tasks that sysadmins regularly perform.

Important: For the most part, interacting with Puppet is the same regardless of your operating system. The key difference between other operating systems and Windows is that you cannot configure a Windows machine to be a Puppet master. Agent components can be installed on Windows machines and you can manage those machines with your Linux master.

The exercises build on each other to lay in some foundational configuration tasks. Work through them in the order presented. See the prerequisite sections in each page to ensure you have the correct setup to perform the steps as they're provided.