Welcome to Puppet Enterprise® 2019.1.4

Puppet Enterprise (PE) helps you be productive, agile, and collaborative while managing your IT infrastructure. PE combines a model-driven approach with imperative task execution so you can effectively manage hybrid infrastructure across its entire lifecycle. PE provides the common language that all teams in an IT organization can use to successfully adopt practices such as version control, code review, automated testing, continuous integration, and automated deployment.

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Before you upgrade or install
Release notes - What's new, what's removed, what's resolved.
System requirements - For hardware, software, browsers.
What gets installed and where?
This page contains                                                   diagrams that show configuration details. System configuration - Set up the network, firewall, and ports.
Administer and maintain PE
Configuring and tuning PE - Improve performance and scale up.
User permissions and roles - Manage access with role-based access control.
SSL and certificates - Manage and regenerate security certificates.
Backing up and restoring PE - Prepare for and recover from the worst case scenario.
Learn the basics
Getting started for Linux, for Windows - Walk through installing and doing basic operations with PE.
Accessing the console - Find PE's management tools in the console.
Inspecting your infrastructure - See what PE knows about your infrastructure.
Manage your IT infrastructure
Managing nodes - Use classification, groups, and environments to make changes to your infrastructure.
Roles and profiles - Build a reliable, configurable, refactorable system for your infrastructure.
Running jobs and tasks - Make controlled, on-demand changes.
Managing and deploying Puppet code - Use Code Manager to stage, commit, and sync code changes to environments and modules
This page has links to                                                   API docs. API index - A list of links to documentation for PE  and Puppet APIs 
PE docs in other languages
Japanese (日本語)
Docs for related Puppet products
Open source Puppet
Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise
Puppet Remediate
Puppet Development Kit
Why and how people are using PE
Read recent blog posts about Puppet Enterprise
Find PE product information
Download and try Puppet Enterprise on 10 nodes for free
Learn PE and Puppet
Learn at your own pace on a VM
Plan your skills-building path with our learning roadmap
Find an online, in-person or self-paced class
Get certified
Get support
Search the Support portal and knowledge base
Find out which PE versions are supported, and for how long
Upgrade your support plan
Share and contribute
Engage with the Puppet community
Puppet Forge - Find modules you can use, and contribute modules you've made to the community
Open source projects from Puppet on Github

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