NTT Data

NTT DATA is a Global IT Innovator delivering technology-enabled services and solutions to clients around the world. NTT Data is a top 10 global IT services provider with 118,000+ employees in more than 50 countries. In 2016, NTT DATA acquired Dell Services, the IT services business unit of Dell.


  • NTT Data needed to reduce the time and cost spent on creating infrastructure.


  • Introduced Puppet Enterprise to automate server configuration and building.


  • The application and authorization processes are no longer necessary, resulting in a reduction of over one month to the server building period compared to before.
  • The risk of human errors while building servers have been almost eradicated, with improvements expected not just in optimization but quality too.

Puppet is driving forward with products to automate all kinds of processes and NTT Data looks forward to continuing to adopt them.

Ryo Sugahara, Deputy Manager, Platform Engineering Group at NTT Data

Top outcomes of using Puppet Enterprise

  • Reduce the time & cost necessary to manage IT infrastructure
  • Lower the amount of humane prone errors
  • Increase the quality of server builds
  • Build stages of projects were reduced by over one month
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