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Interhyp automates change management and stays compliant with Puppet Enterprise


For more than two decades, Interhyp Group, Germany’s largest broker of residential mortgages,  has helped people who want to build or buy homes, by pairing customers with experts who provide comparisons of more than 500 lenders and develop customized mortgage solutions. Interhyp’s Java and Javascript-based microservices proved to be challenging for IT to maintain due to the large number of applications, different languages, runtimes, and development kits. Additionally, compliance and risk management are woven into their development process and they have very specific security specifications and change management record-keeping. They used Open Source Puppet (OSP) to automate change management and configuration, but with 5,000 VMs to manage, their need for scale outgrew its capability.


Interhyp moved to Puppet Enterprise (PE) and adopted Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise, an additional tool that supports continuous delivery of code, integrates with ServiceNow, their IT service management tool, and analyzes changes that impact other systems. The Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise pipeline can be customized to define steps and incorporate desired approval processes. It also automates the change record process to meet compliance and risk management requirements. Interhyp was able to switch to PE within two weeks.


The company has fully automated change management with Puppet Enterprise, so that all documentation requirements are automatically fulfilled. They are able to scale change through Puppet Enterprise automation, have reduced toil, and improved their risk management posture.

We simply no longer have to worry about whether all the necessary information is included in the change record. We can rely one hundred percent on our automation processes.
Willi Bühler, Head of Application Technology at Interhyp
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