Puppet Server: Release Notes

This version is out of date. For current versions, see Puppet packages and versions.

Puppet Server 6.0.3

Released 15 January 2019.

This release contains new features.

New Features

  • The puppetserver ca tool now respects the server_list setting in puppet.conf for those users that have created their own high availability configuration using that feature. SERVER-2392
  • The EZBake configs now allow you to specify JAVA_ARGS_CLI, which is used when using puppetserver subcommands to configure Java differently from what is needed for the service. This was used by the CLI before, but as an environment variable only, not as an EZBake config option. SERVER-2399

Puppet Server 6.0.2

Released 23 October 2018

New features

  • The CA service and the CA proxy service (in PE) now have their own entries in the status endpoint output and can be queried as “ca” and “ca-proxy” respectively. SERVER-2350

Puppet Server 6.0.1

Released 2 October 2018

New features

  • Puppet Server now creates a default ca.conf file when installed, both in open source Puppet and Puppet Enterprise. CA settings such as allow-subject-alt-names should be configured in the certificate-authority section of this file. (SERVER-2372)

  • The puppetserver ca generate command now has a flag --ca-client that will generate a certificate offline – not using the CA API – that is authorized to talk to that API. This can be used to regenerate the master’s host cert, or create certs for distribution to other CA nodes that need administrative access to the CA, such as the ability to sign and revoke certs. This command should only be used while Puppet Server is offline, to avoid conflicts with cert serials. (SERVER-2320)

  • The Puppet Server CA can now sign certificates with IP alt names in addition to DNS alt names (if signing certs with alt names is enabled). (SERVER-2267

Puppet Server 6.0.0

Released 18 September 2018

This Puppet Server release provides a new workflow and API for certificate issuance. By default, the server now generates a root and intermediate signing CA cert, rather than signing everything off the root. If you have an external certificate authority, you can generate an intermediate signing CA from it instead, and a new puppetserver ca subcommand puts everything into its proper place.

New features

  • There is now a CLI command for setting up the certificate authority, called puppetserver ca. See Puppet Server: Subcommands for more information. (SERVER-2172)

  • For fresh installs, the Puppet master’s cert is now authorized to connect to the certificate_status endpoint out of the box. This allows the new CA CLI tool to perform CA tasks via Puppet Server’s CA API. (SERVER-2308) Note that upgrades will need to instead whitelist the master’s cert for these endpoints, see Puppet Server: Subcommands#ca.

  • Puppet Server now has a setting called allow-authorization-extensions in the certificate-authority section of its config for enabling signing certs with authorization extensions. It is false by default. (SERVER-2290)

  • Puppet Server now has a setting called allow-subject-alt-names in the certificate-authority section of its config for enabling signing certs with subject alternative names. It is false by default. (SERVER-2278)

  • The puppetserver ca CLI now has an import subcommand for installing key and certificate files that you generate, for example, when you have an external root CA that you need Puppet Server’s PKI to chain to. (SERVER-2261)

  • We’ve added an infrastructure-only CRL in addition to the full CRL, that provides a list of certs that, when revoked, should be added to a separate CRL (useful for specifying special nodes in your infrastructure like compile masters). You can configure Whether this special CRL or the default CRL are distributed to agents. (SERVER-2231)

  • Puppet Server now bundles its JRuby jar inside the main uberjar. This means the JRUBY_JAR setting is no longer valid, and a warning will be issued if it is set. (SERVER-2157)

  • Puppet Server 6.0 uses JRuby 9K, which implements Ruby language version 2.3 Server-side gems that were installed manually with the puppetserver gem command or using the puppetserver_gem package provider might need to be updated to work with JRuby 9K. Additionally, if ReservedCodeCache or MaxMetaspacesize parameters were set in JAVA_ARGS, they might need to be adjusted for JRuby 9K. See the known issues for more info.

  • The version of semantic_puppet has been updated in Puppet Server to ensure backwards compatibility in preparation for future major releases of Puppet Platform. (SERVER-2132)

  • Puppet Server 6.0 now uses JRuby 9k. This implements version 2.3 of the Ruby language. (SERVER-2095)

Resolved issues

  • We’ve made server-side fixes for fully supporting intermediate CA capability. With this, CRL chains will be persisted when revoking certs. SERVER-2205 For more details on the intermediate CA support in Puppet 6, see Puppet Server: Intermediate CA.
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