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How to decentralize IT automation: move faster, safely

IT organizations often have to balance between moving faster to keep up with their business needs while providing safety to keep the business running. IT operations is responsible for defining the requirements to ensure infrastructure changes are safe. At the same time, other infrastructure and application deployment teams need to define the delivery process that’s right for them and deliver changes at the pace of development.

Often, core IT automation teams will gate all changes to any infrastructure environment, including pre-production environments in order to maintain safety. This greatly reduces IT throughput as core Puppet teams become a bottleneck to deliver infrastructure change.

continuous delivery

What’s needed: A way to build continuous delivery (CD) pipelines for each Puppet module that can be deployed and tested independently of other modules.

Introducing module delivery pipelines

Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise now makes that possible. With module delivery pipelines, teams can build CD pipelines for the modules they are responsible for. Changes can be deployed to Puppet environments without having to update the control repository, freeing teams from other changes that might also be going through the delivery process.

In order to keep the production Puppet environment safe, central IT teams can mark mission critical Puppet environments as “protected”. Any deployment from a Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise pipeline to a protected Puppet environment will require approval by a defined set of approvers for that target Puppet Enterprise server.

Now infrastructure services and application delivery teams can move as fast as they need while central IT can maintain safety. This will greatly help IT keep up with the business while keeping the business running.

How to install and get running

Try out the new capabilities and let us know what you think! You can install Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise with the cd4pe module. Install here.

Carl Caum is a product manager at Puppet.

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