Budget upfront & use as needed

Are you planning to implement Puppet Enterprise but have not yet finalized your strategy? Or perhaps you plan to upgrade to the latest version and would like to add a follow-up Health Check to ensure everything’s running smoothly. Professional Services (PS) Units from Puppet provide a cost-effective and flexible way to purchase professional services and private training now and use them when you’re ready.

Key benefits

  • Greater flexibility: Leverage your budget cycle and buy in a single transaction, then apply units towards consulting services and private training when you are ready.
  • Simple, fast and convenient: Get the PS Units you need and redeem units for consulting services and private training throughout the year.
  • Less administration effort: We’ll keep track of consumption, reminding you throughout the year of how many units you’ve got left to use.

PS Units are invoiced at the time of purchase and must be redeemed within twelve months from the date the units were ordered. For more detail check out Professional Services (PS) Units Terms.

Budget upfront & use as needed

As LV= rolls out Puppet Enterprise across more of the organization, full support becomes more important, especially for people outside the Unix team.

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