Finally, a unified way to discover and manage all the things

All too often, IT organizations struggle with understanding how and what to automate, and where to begin. As a result, software delivery and operations automation have typically happened in disconnected islands throughout the enterprise, making it difficult to know about everything that's running across your ever-growing heterogeneous infrastructure at scale.  

Before you can automate the configuration and operation of your IT infrastructure at scale, you need to inspect what you’ve got. Incumbent tools might allow you to gather massive amounts of data, but don’t provide meaningful insights or enable you to take direct action to manage your systems. Not having that holistic view makes it difficult to even know what to automate, much less standardize how you do so. Knowing what you have is a critical first step in any automation initiative.

Finally, a unified way to discover and manage all the things

Inspect packages whether they’re managed by Puppet or not

Quickly identify packages eligible for maintenance updates, security patching, and license renewals directly from the Puppet Enterprise web UI across your entire infrastructure, regardless of whether it is actively managed by Puppet or not.

Inspect packages whether they’re managed by Puppet or not

Discover what’s running across your cloud environments

With Puppet Cloud Discovery, a hosted service that automatically discovers what’s running in your AWS cloud, you get a better understanding of what you have and how it relates to the rest of your heterogeneous infrastructure. It provides meaningful insights so you can make more intelligent decisions about how to manage your systems.

Get a preview of Puppet Cloud Discovery.


Make black box containers a thing of the past

Crack open the black box of containerized applications and learn what your Docker images and running containers are made of at scale, no matter how short-lived they are. Lumogon offers a standard way to collect, query and report on application metadata across your entire container fleet.

black box

Discover and model whatever’s next

Puppet is committed to building upon these discovery capabilities in a way that makes it even easier for you to find all the resources running across your infrastructure, then quickly implement models that bring them up to date and eliminate vulnerabilities, all in a single user experience.


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