Continuous delivery = competitive advantage

Everyone wants to ship new features and updates to customers more frequently, and more reliably. Continuous delivery not only lets you get code shipped more quickly — it also reduces costs and risk, because you're shipping smaller batches.

To do it right, you need automation. Puppet Enterprise is the ideal IT automation solution for continuous delivery because it treats infrastructure as code, enabling continuous delivery practices and making it easy for dev, ops, QA and other teams to collaborate.

Continuous delivery

Continuous delivery with Puppet

Jez Miller, the infrastructure architect at Heartland Payment Systems, talks about how Puppet Enterprise's treatment of infrastructure as code turned deployment duration from about 10 hours to 10 minutes.

Cut deployment times — and errors

No more costly, avoidable human errors. Puppet Enterprise lets you manage your infrastructure as code, enabling you to use the same tools software developers use. You can code, test, integrate, review and repeat infrastructure configurations just like any other code, giving you faster and more dependable deployments.
We had to shore up development to do continuous integration and continuous deployment, and we had to shore up on the ops side of the house. That’s where Puppet came into play.
Juan Rivera, manager of storage and platform engineering, Getty Images

Increase the quality of releases

Know that changes can be shipped to your customers with a push of a button. Puppet Enterprise provides Beaker, an acceptance testing framework for infrastructure deployments, giving you confidence that deployments will go as expected every time.
Increase quality of releases

Achieve rolling updates

Want to update your software quickly and easily, so customers won't notice? Rolling out smaller, less complex changes will help you do that. Puppet Enterprise extends the proven benefits of continuous integration, deploying resulting CI artifacts to a production-like environment. Changes are deployable at any time, based on business need, not IT limitations.
Achieve rolling updates

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Infrastructure as code

Infrastructure as code

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Infrastructure as code is the foundation for DevOps practices, and these enable continuous delivery.

Configuration management

Configuration management

Configuration management is a critical component of continuous delivery.

Automated testing

Automated testing

Automated testing is fundamental to continuous delivery.

Without Puppet, I don't see any way that we could have been able to continuously deliver releases in a consistent, reliable fashion to a million developers in the cloud, on premise, and in our embedded product within our other software providers.
Brad Micklea, COO, Codenvy
Get Puppet Enterprise on up to 10 nodes for free.

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