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Continuous Compliance

Enforce compliance across hybrid infrastructure with policy as code and model-driven automation

Continuous compliance shouldn’t be at odds with continuous delivery

Increased regulation has made compliance a priority, often at the expense of speed and agility. Enterprise organizations with ambitious digital transformation initiatives can’t afford to make that tradeoff.

Make compliance scalable and predictable by enforcing policy as code as part of DevOps workflows.

On average, organizations must comply with 13 different IT security and/or privacy regulations and spend $3.5M annually on compliance activities, with compliance audits consuming 58 working days each quarter.
A Wake Up Call: The Harsh Reality of Audit Fatigue

Assess and remediate at scale

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Get a holistic view of compliance status.

With scanning and reporting designed for IT Operations, teams can assess infrastructure-wide compliance and quickly identify machines that don’t meet benchmark requirements.

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Define once. Apply everywhere.

Define security and compliance policies as code and automatically apply the appropriate settings to hundreds or thousands of nodes at once.

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Bridge skill and resource gaps.

Remediate compliance failures and build a framework for ongoing compliance, with content created by a Puppet expert and tailored to your environment.

Puppet has removed a tremendous number of man hours — I would say literally thousands of man hours a year... So for us, that is a tremendous win coming out of the compliance side."
Nathan Kroenert, Enterprise Platform Senior Consultant at ANZ Bank

Enforce ongoing compliance with model-driven automation

  • Puppet Enterprise continuously checks your infrastructure against the baseline configurations you’ve defined and makes a corrective change if a system drifts from its compliant state.
  • Assign enforcement policies to node groups dynamically so that new systems automatically inherit compliant configurations based on their system facts.
  • Mitigate the risk of noncompliance between scans by enabling IT Ops teams to immediately validate that remediations were successful.
Auditors often ask how we can ensure a server meets its goals, and we say, ‘We run Puppet Enterprise at build time, and on a consistent basis.’ They are excited that we’re using a tool that enforces consistency.
Pope Davis, Senior Director of Systems Engineering at NYSE | ICE

Reduce the burden of audit preparation

Easily prove infrastructure-wide compliance with automatically updated reports that depict compliance status against benchmarks.
Demonstrate a consistent, reliable process for each stage of the compliance lifecycle — from assessment to remediation to enforcement.
With real-time visibility into the state of your infrastructure, you can be confident that your next audit won’t yield any unwelcome surprises.

Enable IT Operations teams to take a proactive approach to compliance

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