Unify physical, virtual and cloud environments

Today's enterprise is a hub of heterogeneous technologies that can be complex and expensive to manage, especially when you consider adopting cloud. With Puppet Enterprise, you can streamline the management of compute, storage and network resources and efficiently scale workloads across heterogeneous environments, as well as various flavors of public, private and hybrid cloud. Puppet Enterprise is integrated with the leading cloud service providers: Amazon, Microsoft, VMware and Google.
Puppet and the cloud

The beautiful thing about Puppet is that it’s very simple for us to say, 'This has 10 nodes, 50 nodes or 1,000,' and Puppet knows exactly how to configure those environments. We deal with the high level and Puppet takes care of all the details for us. It’s transparent to us, it’s transparent to the user, and it is dead simple.

Brad Micklea, Codenvy

Modern tooling for modern practices

Define your configurations once and reuse them multiple times across all your environments — physical, virtual, and cloud. Puppet Enterprise lets you manage all your infrastructure as code and lets you move seamlessly from your on-prem data center to the cloud, or from one cloud provider to another.
Define once
Puppet as an automation tool helps us get to that point, so we can quickly build and configure systems that are standardized — and when you become standardized, you become more stable.
Tom Sabin, IT manager for cloud and automation, Staples

Automation with leading cloud providers

Easily adopt cloud, building new applications for greenfield projects. Rapidly move from physical infrastructure to deploying production workloads in the cloud. Quickly scale up or down to handle fluctuations in demand. Puppet Enterprise gives you the flexibility to manage dynamic infrastructure, since it's integrated with the leading cloud service providers: Amazon, Microsoft, VMware and Google.
Cloud management for speed and agility

Cloud management with Puppet

Puppet Enterprise provides a single solution for automating management of heterogenous environments. Enforce your policies consistently across thousands of cloud services and virtual networks to reduce risk and deliver reliably.
Puppet Enterprise cloud management

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The Puppet Enterprise console makes it possible to deploy both physical and virtual machines, and monitor deployments in a superior way.
Jochen Billen, CTO, Smartbit

Get Puppet Enterprise on up to 10 nodes for free.

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