Say goodbye to deployments that keep you late

Imagine deploying your application in your weekly maintenance window, and everything looks like it's going well…. until the deployment fails. Now you have to spend hours backtracking to diagnose the problem. What if you had a solution that delivers full visibility into deployments, including what failed where and why?

At Puppet, we believe continuous delivery should be simple for anyone to achieve (without getting in the way of dinner plans).

Puppet Pipelines for applications

Simplify container-based software delivery

Building and deploying container-based applications to Kubernetes doesn’t have to be complex. Having a simple way to automate the way you build and deploy apps to Kubernetes creates more time to focus on delighting your customers. Puppet Pipelines for Containers lets you build simple continuous delivery workflows while helping your teams keep tabs on things, at scale, every step of the way.


Give traditional applications modern delivery tools

You might already have the tools you need for continuous delivery, but don’t have time to stitch them together, or maybe you’re just getting started. Either way, your users expect more and deployment bottlenecks get in the way of delivering serious customer value. Puppet Pipelines for Applications meets you where you are, standardizing the delivery process, no matter what tools you’re using, or where your applications run.

Puppet Pipelines

Host all of your container images in one place

If you’re already hosting Docker images on AWS ECR, GCR, DockerHub or Private Docker Registry, Puppet Container Registry brings them all together under one roof. Puppet Container Registry gives users an easier way to store, manage, and deploy Docker container images. Get full visibility and control using a unified view for all your container images.

Host all of your container images in one place

Using automation to overcome complexity in IT

Rahul Singh, VP of engineering at Puppet, talks about why automation — from infrastructure to applications, containers and beyond — is critical to shipping the best products possible. Learn how automation fuels better code, tighter feedback loops, and builds better relationships with customers.

Puppet Discovery

Puppet Discovery allows you to forage and take action on all your traditional, cloud and container resources, and get an accurate, real-time picture of your IT inventory in your data center or the cloud.

Puppet Enterprise

Puppet Enterprise is a complete configuration management platform that gives you both task-based and model-driven automation in a single solution. It ensures consistency across your containers, VMs, and bare metal servers by defining your infrastructure as code.

Puppet Pipelines

Puppet Pipelines makes continuous integration and delivery of your software on traditional or containerized infrastructure easy by pulling together all your existing tools and giving you flexibility to deploy your way.