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Modernize Windows management and expand automation practices to your Windows team.
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Consolidate Group Policy and Puppet into a single interface

Managing configurations with multiple tools, like Group Policy and Puppet, makes it difficult to coordinate changes and leads to siloed data and mismatched configurations. Our Group Policy migration service helps consolidate tooling and centralize management of Windows configurations.

You’ll learn best practices for moving Group Policy settings to Puppet enforcement and get help moving the appropriate settings.

  • Adopt Infrastructure as Code
  • Track Windows configurations in a centralized location
  • Enable reporting on configuration changes
  • Manage a variety of configurations across the stack
  • More efficiently make changes to your Windows infrastructure

Enable fully automated Windows deployments with Chocolatey

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chocolatey logo

Expanding automation and DevOps practices to Windows teams can be challenging. Most Microsoft products for developing and managing Windows software are not well suited to automating at scale.

Our Chocolatey setup and deployment service helps increase the speed and reliability of deploying Windows software by installing and configuring Chocolatey as a package manager.

  • Automate and accelerate Windows software deployments
  • Expand automation and DevOps practices to Windows teams

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