Performance Optimization

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Puppet has extensive experience helping organizations implement automation solutions, improve release management processes, and embrace DevOps practices with Puppet Enterprise. We can analyze your current deployment and provide recommendations for improvement, help you upgrade or migrate to the latest release and take advantage of the newest capabilities, or work with your team to implement a continuous delivery workflow for your Puppet code.
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Performance Optimization of enterprise IT

Health Check

Get visibility into the state of your Puppet Enterprise deployment and how you can make it work more efficiently. We work directly with your team, following a checklist-driven review process to provide recommendations to address challenges and get more value from Puppet Enterprise.

Puppet Code Review

We evaluate your Puppet code and deliver expert opinion on the quality; sharing specific examples of commonly seen issues and recommendations for how prescribed code fixes will help you longer term. In the end, you’ll receive a report summarizing the areas investigated, key issues and areas for improvement, and recommended actions for follow-up.

Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise

We work with your team to implement Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise and apply CI/CD practices to the infrastructure you manage with Puppet Enterprise, so you can deliver infrastructure code faster and more reliably.

Upgrade services

Leveraging best-in-class methodology and tooling, Puppet experts help convert or replace existing Puppet code for compatibility, install and configure the latest Puppet Enterprise release, and migrate nodes to run against your new Puppet infrastructure.

Open Source Puppet Migration

Considering migrating to Puppet Enterprise? We can help you understand the current state of your open source implementation and the level of effort to move. We also offer a prescriptive way to migrate your open source implementation, leveraging our best-in-class methodology and tooling to lower risk and simplify the migration process.

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