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Rapidly deploy and successfully implement Puppet Enterprise across your entire infrastructure. Whether you take advantage of one of our Jumpstart packages or a custom implementation, we ensure your team is ready to confidently use Puppet.

In the end, you’ll have an implementation of Puppet Enterprise that works for you, and the knowledge to start using Puppet Enterprise to automate a full range of operating systems (Windows, Linux and other *nix distributions); provision everything from bare metal to VMware, AWS, and other cloud providers; and manage network devices from vendors like Cisco, F5, and more.

Jumpstart services

Jumpstarts deliver best practices consulting, expert advice, and paired programming, enabling your team to quickly begin using Puppet Enterprise to configure and manage your infrastructure. We offer a variety of Jumpstart packages to provide the implementation services that fit your organization’s needs.

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ImplementationServices art training
ImplementationServices art training

Training + services = success

Consider combining any of our Jumpstart services with three days of Getting Started with Puppet training. You’ll learn foundational concepts for managing your infrastructure with Puppet Enterprise through a combination of lecture and relevant, real world, hands-on exercises. From there we’ll help you install and set up your Puppet Enterprise solution through best practice advice and paired programming.

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