Cover of Puppet Enterprise Enables DevOps Practices for Automation of AWS Environments white paper

Realize the full benefits of AWS

Whether your company is considering a migration to the AWS Cloud from a strictly on-premises environment, seeking to adopt a hybrid infrastructure, or hoping to automate your current cloud presence to improve reliability and consistency, Puppet Enterprise can help you meet your business needs.

In this white paper, co-created by Puppet and Amazon Web Services (AWS), you'll get details on:

  • How Puppet Enterprise helps you automate the management of your cloud environments
  • How Puppet Enterprise helps you adopt DevOps practices on AWS
  • What you can do with Puppet Enterprise — from testing updates before you roll them out to seeing what you have running on AWS and all your environments, managing infrastructure as code, automatically enforcing security policies and more
  • How to launch Puppet Enterprise directly from the AWS Marketplace
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