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How to Build a High-Performing IT Team

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A DevOps handbook for your organization

Five essential steps to mapping your DevOps journey

What are the biggest challenges to DevOps success, and how do you get started?

There’s a common refrain from IT managers who are leading successful DevOps transformations within their organizations: DevOps is about continual learning and improvement rather than an end state.

Your specific process will ultimately take its own shape in your organization as you learn from successes and failures along the way. Still, it’s nice to be able to lean on outside wisdom and support from people and organizations that have been there before.

We’re here to help: We draw on the success stories and lessons learned at organizations that are already driving improved performance and better business outcomes with their DevOps initiatives.

This handbook captures five essential phases for mapping out a DevOps journey:

  • Build the business case for DevOps
  • Address the biggest challenges to DevOps success
  • Develop a performance-driven team structure
  • Choose the right tools & processes
  • Plan your key implementation phases