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Containers: Planning for the Next Thing with Puppet

Puppet WP Containers

Adopt containers quickly — and securely

Manage containers the same way you manage physical and cloud servers

Perhaps you’re looking at containers to speed software deployment, or to quickly scale your capacity. But how do you make sure everything in your containers is up-to-date and secure?

Using Docker containers and Puppet together, you can make sure everything in your containers is configured the way it should be. Plus, you can use Puppet to automate building Docker images, and to manage the schedulers you use to run containers (for example, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes or Mesos). And of course, Puppet can manage the cloud VMs you run your containers on, too.

Adopting new technologies like containers is terrific, but tool proliferation really isn’t. So it’s great that you can fully manage containers with the same solution that’s become the industry standard for automating management of physical servers, virtualized servers, cloud infrastructure, network and storage devices — plus the applications running on that infrastructure.

Our new white paper, *Containers: Planning for the Next Thing with Puppet*, explains:

  • How containers work, and why they’re growing in popularity.
  • The special challenges containers pose.
  • How Puppet can help you adopt containers faster, and integrate them with your existing IT infrastructure.
  • How using Docker and Puppet together can give you more power and agility.

See you on Docker Hub!


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