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Accelerate Digital Transformation with an Infrastructure as Code Strategy

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Explore Puppet infrastructure as code use cases in the white paper.

70% of companies either have a digital transformation strategy in place or are working on one. But becoming a more agile, flexible organization can’t happen without automation.

One way for IT to automate is to adopt infrastructure as code, or the practice of managing and provisioning infrastructure through readable definition files rather than physical hardware configurations.

Automation tools like Puppet enable this approach with benefits like continuous delivery, allowing IT to deliver infrastructure changes quickly, safely, and at scale with reliable audit trails.

Puppet’s infrastructure as code use cases

Puppet’s solutions help organizations enable infrastructure as code across their environments, including Microsoft Azure, so they can continuously deliver infrastructure and applications, enforce policy compliance, and remediate security issues quickly.

The white paper dives into how Puppet helps companies:

  • Reduce risk and migrate to Microsoft Azure.
  • Achieve faster, more flexible provisioning.
  • Automate updating and patching.

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