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Want to get started with Puppet on Windows? Our pre-recorded Windows webinar series covers all the basics and more to help you realize some quick wins before you move on to bigger initiatives. Each 45-minute webinar focuses on a specific task you can automate with Puppet, as well as a demo of how it works. 

Watch the 9-part series where we discuss topics such as: 

  • Windows Configuration Management: Managing Users and Groups
  • Windows Configuration Management: Managing Packages, Services, & Power Shell
  • Deploying ISS and ASP.NET with Puppet
  • Package Management on Windows with Chocolatey
  • Managing PowerShell DSC with Puppet
  • Patch Management on Windows with Puppet
  • Setting Up Windows for Systems and Application Monitoring
  • Getting Up and Running with the Windows Module Pack
  • Get Started on Azure with Puppet
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