As a Windows admin, you already have an increasing variety of tools for managing the configuration of your systems: Active Directory, Group Policy, PowerShell libraries, home-grown scripts, etc. However, you probably still struggle with configuration drift, constant firefighting, lack of visibility into changes, and feel unable to scale your operations.

In this recorded webcast, you’ll learn about the benefits of automated configuration management and how it can help your team achieve greater control, predictability, and flexibility.

Gabe Schuyler, Sr. Professional Services Engineer at Puppet Labs, discusses:

  • The key concepts of automated configuration management, including idempotency, and modeling state.
  • How automated configuration management helps eliminate drift, and makes your environment more predictable and scalable.
  • Benefits of automated configuration management in regulated environments.
  • How a configuration management tool complements the rest of your toolchain.

In addition to the technical benefits, automating configuration will help you move from a culture of firefighting and finger-pointing to one of collaboration and trust.

This webinar was recorded on 22 December 2015.

Watch the webinar