Puppet is Talking Tech, and we’re inviting you to join us!

In our new webinar series, we’ll host discussions about exciting technology solutions that are driving the industry forward. Our technology experts will dive deep into topics that matter and will bring customers, partners and other leaders to the table to give you answers to your technology questions. 

Watch our latest Talking Tech webinar: Automate Cloud and Application Security Deployments with Barracuda and Puppet

The Barracuda Cloud Generation WAF, with complete API coverage, integrates seamlessly with Puppet to simplify and ultimately accelerate how security is deployed and managed. This enables application developers to automate application tests, and integrate security directly into the code building process. Watch now to learn how to reduce application development timeframes and secure your cloud applications.

Featured speakers:

Tim Jefferson, Barracuda VP Public Cloud and Matt Girdharry, Puppet Director - TAPP & Security Alliances

Watch now!