Webinar was held 6 December 2016

As a leader in online 3D printing services, Shapeways offers over 2.5M printed products and 150,000 new designs monthly. Shapeways’ business model depends on tight service level agreements (SLAs) with their customers and producers. The network has to be up and operational at all times, as content is continuously uploaded to the site. Thus, Shapeways needed their network to be accessible, reliable and easily scalable.

Join this webinar to learn how Paul Hortiatis, Reliability Team Lead, and Martín Beauchamp, Site Reliability Engineer from Shapeways, leveraged both open source Puppet and Open Networking with Cumulus Linux, to build an automated, modern data center.

With Cumulus Linux and Puppet, Shapeways was able to automate their switches like servers, helping them to realize the promise of an agile network with the following advantages:

  • Increased deployment speeds
  • Reduced human error
  • Full visibility into infrastructure changes
  • Ability for networking teams to contribute to the Puppet code that manages infrastructure configuration

During this webinar we cover:

  • Why network automation
  • How to deploy a switch from scratch using the Puppet and zero touch provisioning
  • Continuous enforcement of network configurations
  • The flexibility of using Cumulus Linux as a network operating system
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