Discover what's running in your hybrid infrastructure.

Live webinar took place on 14 November 2017.

In today’s complex IT landscape, knowing what’s in your hybrid infrastructure is a significant challenge, and managing the unknown is all but impossible. Traditional discovery tools weren’t designed with cloud and containers in mind. They provide massive amounts of data, but little insight, or the ability to act upon those insights.

Puppet Discovery is a new offering that enables you to see everything you have in real time across your on-premise, cloud and container infrastructure, and provides deep insights about that infrastructure so you can bring it under management.

In this on-demand webinar, Alanna Brown, Director of Product Marketing, and Kenaz Kwa, Sr. Product Manager demonstrate how Puppet Discovery makes it easy to:

  • Browse resources and their relationships across your hybrid resource pools.

  • Understand at a glance the composition and platform distribution of your cloud environments.

  • See what makes up your running containers, including packages and their versions, and know if files have changed.

Watch the webinar