How to Combine Analytics, Incident Response and Automation for Game-Changing Success

Up to 80% of outages are preventable* — Are you making continuous improvement a priority for your organization?

Puppet, Splunk and VictorOps teamed up for a webinar on powering continuous improvement by combining analytics, incident response and automation.

Delivering applications faster with Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) allows businesses to bring increased value to customers, generate more revenue and gain a competitive advantage. With a focus on never-ending improvement, your team can release better applications faster, without the fire drills.

  • Create a Continuous Improvement Feedback Loop: Accelerate feedback, knowledge sharing and delivery with this simple framework
  • Perform with Puppet: Automate software discovery, management and delivery to release applications faster
  • Solve with Splunk Enterprise: Gain critical insights into software delivery cycles and surface issues before they impact end users
  • Be Victorious with VictorOps: Visually correlate key release info with incidents using VictorOps Delivery Insights and lower MTTR with collaborative incident response

*Uptime Institute (2018) Uptime Institute Global Data Center Survey

Watch the webinar