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Manage Infrastructure at Scale with Automation

Join us for a discussion of the challenges and complexities of managing infrastructure at scale and how Puppet Enterprise can help.

In this webinar, we’ll talk through the challenges of managing complex infrastructure and showcase solutions from Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise to help you deliver changes faster and more reliably, scaling automation across multiple teams.

Watch this webinar to learn about the features of Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise, including:
  • Impact Analysis – Impact Analysis assesses what nodes and configurations will have their desired state changed should you merge and deploy a change — and it supports Hiera.
  • Simple Deployment Policies – Built-in and custom deployment policies abstract away the complexities of delivering change.
  • Workspaces – Provide a service for other departments to own and manage their own infrastructure automation without having to manage the tooling.
  • Modules Pipelines – Empower service owners to own their own the authoring, validation, and delivery of the automation content for their service without blocking or being blocked by others.

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