Scaling DevOps Success to Deliver Better Software, Faster

Tune into this webinar hosted by Argyle Executive forum, in partnership with Puppet, to learn best practices in evolving digital transformation strategies. Many call it DevOps, or digital transformation, moving to the cloud, adopting containers, agile IT. Whatever you call it, it’s about scaling automation practices to accelerate the delivery of a consistent and compelling customer experience through software.

Discussion topics include:
• Key challenges and solutions to standardizing, simplifying, and automating software delivery at scale
• The foundational role automation plays in DevOps success
• Characteristics of transformational leaders and their success in DevOps and digital transformation 
• Attributes and practices of high-performing teams

Moderator: Sanjay Mirchandani, CEO, Puppet 


  • Maureen Jules-Perez, Vice President, Enterprise Services & Head of IT Strategy and Transformation (Oath), AOL
  • Richard Isle, Head of Corp Apps & Software Dev, Great River Energy
  • Vishal Venkatram, Chief Information Officer, Global Delivery and Transformation Executive Leader, GE Power
  • Brian Timmeny, Vice President, Global Head of Advanced Engineering, DevOps & Engineering Processes, BBVA
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