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If you're new to Puppet Enterprise, this is the webinar for you. You'll learn how Puppet helps lay the foundation for your DevOps practices, treats infrastructure as code, and achieves better collaboration between dev, ops, InfoSec, and networking. You'll see why thousands of companies rely on Puppet to automate the delivery and operation of their software and see it in action with a demo.

In this webinar we will show you the following in a Linux environment:

  • Discover what you have using Puppet Discovery 
  • Orchestrate changes to infrastructure and applications
  • Continually enforce your desired state and remediate any unexpected changes
  • Get real-time visibility and reporting to prove compliance
  • Automatically build, test and promote Puppet code changes using Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise

Speakers: Abir Majumdar, Sales Engineer, and Joshua Lofgreen, Sales Development Rep.

Webinar held 27 February 2019

40 Minutes
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