How to Deliver Proactive Cybersecurity Remediation

What can we learn from cybercriminals?

Cybersecurity often feels like an asymmetric battle — while on one side, cybercriminals appear to manage their efforts efficiently on the dark web, enterprises often deal with the consequences individually, reliant on manual processes and tools. So, what can we learn from the perpetrators about how to coordinate a response to security threats when, or before, they happen?

In this webinar, GigaOm Analyst Jon Collins teams up with Jonathan Stewart, Senior Product Manager at Puppet, to discuss:

  • How cybercriminals and hackers work together to create and disseminate security threats
  • What current challenges are faced by enterprises as they look to respond
  • What options exist to deal with security issues, including automation tools and collaborative activities
  • How and where to start in terms of expertise, approach and capabilities

Live webinar took place on 17 October 2019.

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