Get a closer look at Puppet Discovery™.

Whether you’re grappling with brownfield environments that aren’t under management, infrastructure inherited from various acquisitions or shadow IT, one of the earliest and most significant challenges to achieving pervasive automation is not knowing what you have. Simply put, you can’t automate what you don’t know exists. This is why discovery of your infrastructure resources is step zero in bringing automation to any organization.

Puppet Discovery solves this problem by giving you an accurate, real-time picture of your IT inventory so you always know what’s running, and can prioritize what to automate.

Join Carl Caum, Engineering Product Manager for Puppet Discovery, and John Tonello, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, for a closer look at Puppet Discovery’s capabilities:

  • See everything you have running on your servers, VMs and containers in an intuitive dashboard, so you know what’s under management, and what’s not.
  • Unlike clunky CMDB tools and static spreadsheets, Puppet Discovery maintains a dynamic and actionable inventory, making it easy to see exactly what software, services and operating systems are running.
  • More than just a resource inventory, Puppet Discovery provides deep insights about infrastructure, bridging the gap between resource discovery and automation.
  • Unlike any other solution, Puppet Discovery allows you to take action on what you find, including restarting and stopping services and installing the Puppet agent.

Webinar held 8 May at 9:00 a.m. PDT

40 minutes
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