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In our new webinar series, we’ll host discussions about exciting technology solutions that are driving the industry forward. Our technology experts will dive deep into topics that matter and will bring customers, partners and other leaders to the table to give you answers to your technology questions. Register for another Talking Tech session and get ready for a tech talk that you’ll be able to put to use in your enterprise. 

Delivering Infrastructure and Security Policy as Code with Puppet and CyberArk Conjur

  • Date held: Wednesday, 8 November 2017 
  • Safeguard secrets and deliver applications faster 
    Puppet empowers organizations to rapidly deliver value by enabling infrastructure-as-code. Learn how CyberArk Conjur delivers security-policy-as-code, enables your organization to provide better security, and increases developer and operations autonomy. Join us and learn how to automatically apply secrets-management best practices to the DevOps toolchain using Puppet Enterprise and CyberArk Conjur.
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