Get on the path to continuous delivery

While there are plenty of resources and tools to begin tinkering with automated software delivery and application release automation, what makes the difference between delivering software infrequently vs. on-demand? Watch our on-demand webinar to learn three key considerations you should make if you’re serious about continuous delivery.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • (Finally) moving to an agile practice: More than an industry buzzword, agile development practices are crucial to unlocking the full potential of continuous delivery while offering a means to benchmark progress.
  • How to get full control and visibility into the software delivery pipeline: When teams spend less time manually pushing software out, they can assess and address process pains and obstacles.
  • Why standardizing your software delivery process and toolchain is critical: Silos exist across the software delivery lifecycle because of the sheer number of different tools available: it’s time to standardize these to break down the silos.

Presented by: Rahul Singh, VP of Engineering and Michael Olson, Senior Product Marketing Manager.

Webinar held 09 April 2018

50 Minutes
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