Best practices from a Forrester analyst

Live webinar took place on 15 November 2017.

For many organizations, the transition to DevOps starts small, often with a single team delivering new innovation — typically writing the tool chain as well as the application. This creates pockets of success, but reaping the full benefits of a DevOps practice means replicating these practices enterprise-wide. Not an easy task.

Through its research, Forrester has identified 3 key steps for breaking down organizational silos and implementing a widespread DevOps initiative. In this on-demand webinar, guest speaker Robert Stroud, principal analyst at Forrester, joins Puppet for a webinar to share these practices and explore:

  • Trends in DevOps adoption — how many companies really have it figured out, which industries are leading the charge, and where do you fit in?

  • The role of senior leaders in a DevOps initiative, and why transformation is in their best interest.

  • How infrastructure automation and configuration management solutions lay the foundation for DevOps practices.

  • How to select the right tools to support your DevOps transformation.

Watch the webinar