Automate Your AWS Environment: Puppet Enterprise

How can you automate your Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment and operate constantly modern software? What can your organization do to stop persistently fighting fires and spend more time on the innovation that really matters?

Puppet Enterprise on AWS efficiently automates the entire lifecycle of your AWS environment simply and securely. From initial provisioning through application deployment, Puppet Enterprise uses a common language to describe what you want your infrastructure to look like.

ServiceChannel is a global facilities management company that is always looking for ways to make it easier for their customers to connect and collaborate. After Hurricane Sandy flooded its data center in 2012, ServiceChannel decided to build out a highly available and redundant system on the AWS Cloud. Because they didn’t have any automated configuration management in place at the time, they had to manually build all of their servers on AWS, which led them to their second big decision to implement Puppet on AWS.

With Puppet, ServiceChannel was able to create a fully automated pipeline to deploy, manage, and scale their AWS environment, providing the agility needed to help support the growth of the company. Once they adopted Puppet Enterprise, they saw a dramatic reduction in the amount of time spent updating their environments and were also able to make deployments more frequently and cost-effectively, allowing them to scale at an increased rate.

Join us for our upcoming webinar where speakers from Puppet, AWS, and ServiceChannel will explain how ServiceChannel used the scalability of AWS and the automation provided by Puppet to realize greater flexibility, and enhance their customers’ ability to connect and collaborate more often.

Join us to learn:

  • How ServiceChannel used Puppet Enterprise on AWS to define their infrastructure and applications
  • Why employing DevOps practices and treating infrastructure as code made it easy for ServiceChannel to share, test, and enforce changes across their AWS environment
  • Discover the benefits of automation when creating, scheduling, and reviewing releases for environment changes
9 - 10 am
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