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Self-service infrastructure automation with Puppet and ServiceNow

Business challenge

Siloed tools, manual change management processes, and the reliance on technical expertise can result in business delays, friction, and frustration. In addition, human error and bottlenecks due to siloed DevOps processes can limit visibility and auditability across the organization.

By integrating self-service automation into your IT Service Management (ITSM) platform, your team is empowered to manage IT infrastructure changes efficiently, troubleshoot problems quickly, and resolve more incidents faster

Solution overview

With Puppet’s Self-Service Infrastructure Automation for ServiceNow, organizations can accelerate automation and ongoing operations all from a common interface. Available as the Puppet Spoke from the ServiceNow store by way of the IntegrationHub, DevOps teams can now manage Puppet assets directly from the ServiceNow Service Catalog using simplified workflows that trigger Puppet actions from one common platform.

This integration comes out of the box with commonly used tasks and enables you to take action on the infrastructure on which you depend, but without the reliance on a specific expert or team. Teams can also customize and add workflows to the ServiceNow catalog using Puppet Actions.

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