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Ensure continuous compliance with Compliance Enforcement Modules

Learn how Puppet Compliance Enforcement Modules allow you to proactively and efficiently achieve and maintain compliance

Maintaining compliance with CIS benchmarks

Constant and ever-evolving compliance regulations can be difficult to keep up with. Many organizations use CIS (Center for Internet Security) benchmarks – but turning them into enforceable code and managing exceptions are daunting tasks to manage manually.

The good news? They can be automated.

Your organization can easily set and preserve compliant infrastructure configurations that align with your policies and security best practices.

How Puppet Comply can help

The Puppet Compliance Enforcement Modules provide turnkey compliance remediation and enforcement policy-as-code that directly align to the latest CIS benchmarks – ensuring you’ll be able to quickly achieve compliance and stay there.

Download the solution brief to learn more about how we can help your infrastructure remain compliant.