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Gigaom Sector Roadmap: DevOps Automation Tools

In recent years, DevOps has moved from the domain of Web-scale startups into enterprise IT. While agile, just-in-time approaches have existed for decades in software development, enterprises now accept that the operational side of the house needs to become similarly dynamic. Simply put, how can you release software weekly — or even daily — when operations teams are conditioned to six-month cycles?

In this Sector Roadmap Report, Gigaom analyzes six automation tools designed to make DevOps workflows more efficient and effective, and lays out the criteria that technology buyers need to consider when evaluating such tools. Key findings include:

  • While DevOps automation tools can be used in other areas, DevOps practices could not exist without automation. Tools that automate the hand-off of software releases between development and operations are particularly important.
  • DevOps automation tools should be evaluated in terms of what they bring to the lifecycle: not only automation, but also governance, collaboration, and analytics. Used in the right way, automation tools go a long way to lowering barriers to entry into DevOps practices.
  • DevOps principles do not need further proof; Web-scale businesses have proven the value. Rather, an enterprise needs to determine how to turn these principles into practice, using automation tools that enable innovation and deliver business value.

Download the report for Gigaom’s complete analysis.