Cover of DevOps for the Rest of Us

DevOps is a concept that invites much skepticism. After all, the term is vague, and it doesn't mean the same thing to everyone. But the truth is, you're probably already doing some sort of DevOps – whether you realize it or not.

At its core, DevOps is fundamentally about communicating early and often across teams to become more efficient, predictable and productive. This is easier said than done, but, fortunately, automation tools like Puppet can help.

In this Geek Guide, you'll learn how you can use Puppet to:

  • Establish a common language to share information across teams.
  • Deploy a few manifests and modules to help automate configuration management, improve security and fortify your team.
  • Create and enforce baseline system configurations collaboratively, using Puppet as a way to more readily understand other teams' needs and goals.
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