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Continuous Improvement: A Few Ideas for Mature DevOps Organizations

puppet ebook ideas for mature devops organizations

Move beyond the basics

12 ideas for teams with advanced DevOps practices

If your organization has adopted a DevOps initiative, you’re likely already seeing improvements in culture and processes. Maybe you’ve automated manual tasks, built a continuous delivery pipeline, and improved collaboration between Dev and Ops.

Team morale has gone up, and the number of 3 AM calls has gone down. You’re doing really well compared to many other organizations.

But as you know, DevOps is an ongoing journey. You can always cut inefficiencies, improve processes and achieve greater control, predictability and flexibility.

This ebook is for anyone whose organization has already tackled the fundamental DevOps practices, and wants to go further. You’ll learn tips on improving cross-departmental collaboration, holding internal events like workshops and hackathons, and building metrics and transparency to hold everyone accountable.

The ebook also discusses:

  • The importance of cross-functional ownership, and why *every* team must get involved.
  • How to identify your organization’s biggest constraints, and correct them.
  • The positive impacts that DevOps maturity has on retention and recruitment.

If you’re ready to explore more advanced DevOps practices, download the ebook.

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