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Ebook: Business Guide to Open Source Puppet vs. Enterprise

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This ebook looks at the business benefits of Open Source Puppet vs. Puppet Enterprise. It offers insight into the business benefits of Puppet Enterprise and how they build on the capabilities of your current Open Source Puppet infrastructure.

Your needs change as your company scales and your business may be facing new challenges that require you to choose a more robust commercial solution with enhanced functionality that you may not have needed when you first implemented OSP.

What you’ll learn in A Business Guide to Open Source Puppet vs. Puppet Enterprise:

  • What is the real difference between Open Source Puppet (OSP) and Puppet Enterprise (PE)?
  • Why do maturing businesses choose Puppet Enterprise?
  • Is it the right time for you to move to Puppet Enterprise?
  • How to take the next steps if you are ready to move to Puppet Enterprise

Download the free ebook A Business Guide to Open Source Puppet vs. Puppet Enterprise to understand the differences between OSP and PE so you can make the decision that’s right for your company’s growth.