About Smartbit

Smartbit was founded in 2003 and is the creator of Smartschool, an online digital education platform used by 90 percent of Flemish-language schools in Belgium.


  • Managing a growing, complex cloud infrastructure with a small IT team.


  • Puppet Enterprise enables the team to manage infrastructure as code; take advantage of DevOps practices; and efficiently monitor and manage its private cloud infrastructure.


  • Smartbit is able to provide uninterrupted services to the majority of Belgian schools and scale efficiently as Smartschool is adopted in the rest of the country’s education system.

Puppet rapidly became a mission-critical tool for the operations/DevOps team.

Jan Schuer, founder and owner of Smartbit

Top outcomes of using Puppet Enterprise

  • Improved monitoring of deployments to private cloud.
  • Fast issue diagnosis and response.
  • Developers and admins can work together on deployments.
  • Admins have time to focus on more strategic work.
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