About Sakura KCS

Sakura KCS Corp aimed to reduce the cost necessary to manage IT infrastructure and increase the speed of its response to problems. Additionally, they wanted to reorganize their internal organization for contracted development and improve the efficiency and quality of the development process through the introduction of DevOps.


  • Sakura KCS Corp needed to optimize on-site operations with a plan to restructure the development team from the perspective of infrastructure systems engineers in charge of environment creation; as to not only rely on improving on-site staff’s skills.


  • Linking Puppet Enterprise to many IT infrastructure-related devices permits unified management of monitoring and updating settings. In addition, Sakura KCS Corp aims to automate testing of the programs developed by systems engineers on development sites by creating virtual environments with Puppet for development use.


  • By consolidating management and verification that had been conducted on an individual or manual basis, IT teams reduced the workload by 1-2 hours. Sakura KCS Corp also aims for improvement in the development phase based on the achievements in acceptance tests. Storing and sharing the results internally resulted in a system in which development proceeded more smoothly.

Puppet has exceeded the level of being a mere tool at Sakura KCS Corp and is truly a partner for improving the business. It has a powerful role as an indispensable tool for business.

Masahiro Matsumoto, Senior Manager, Cloud Architecture Group at Sakura KCS

Top outcomes of using Puppet Enterprise

  • Reduce the cost necessary to manage IT infrastructure
  • Increase the speed of its response to problems
  • Dramatic reduction in time spent on data center management work through automation
Sakura KCS customer story