About Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft develops and sells CRM systems for small business. It's been named one of the fastest growing private companies in Arizona, employing more than 650 people. The company has received more than $125 million in funding, including $54 million in venture capital from Goldman Sachs in early 2013. 



  • Manual server provisioning was slow & failure-prone.
  • Homegrown automation was inefficient.
  • Continuous integration impossible with manual process.
  • Needed to prove PCI compliance. 


  • Infrastructure automation for fast change, reliability, visibility.
  • Dashboard for infrastructure visibility & reporting.
  • Integration with VMware.
  • Enable continuous integration & continuous delivery.


  • Sysadmin team is efficient & productive.
  • Infusionsoft positioned to scale quickly for growth.
  • Continuous integration established & replicable.
  • Easy reporting to management & auditors.

With Puppet Enterprise, you can create a multi-node structure right out of the box. Having a scalable structure right away was huge for us. 

Ben Hainline, production operations engineer, Infusionsoft

Top outcomes of using Puppet Enterprise

  • Able to implement continuous integration workflow.
  • Ops team manages 250 servers, double the prior number (mostly VMs).
  • Ops has time to upgrade and improve infrastructure, and plan for further scaling.
  • Improved insight into infrastructure, plus accurate auditing for PCI compliance.
  • Automated monitoring and alerts.
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