About Fulcrum Technologies

Fulcrum Technologies is a fast-growing company providing software-as-a-service (SaaS) that helps telecom companies - including mobile phones companies - manage their widespread, multisite inventories of equipment, parts and site infrastructure. 



  • Manual configuration & management impeded innovation to support business growth. 


  • Puppet Enterprise for automating & ensuring consistent IT state and deployments, providing a strong foundation for business growth. 


  • Recovery time is a fraction of what it was before Puppet.
  • Adding infrastructure for new customers is quick & easy.
  • Time available for innovation & growing team capabilities. 

Automating the actual building of systems means I can concentrate on the other pieces, while Puppet manages building the systems for me. 

Bill Wellington, network administrator, systems administrator, DevOps, Fulcrum Technologies

Top outcomes of using Puppet Enterprise

  • Significant time saved when getting new customers up and running with Fulcrum's services.
  • Significant time saved managing Fulcrum's infrastructure, with greater consistency.
  • Faster deployments.
  • Faster recovery when systems go down.
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