About Fervid


  • Needed a compliant solution for hardening Windows servers.
  • Manage clients with manual and siloed processes, resulting in time-consuming infrastructure provisioning that was error-prone and exposed vulnerabilities.
  • A datacenter provider damaged repository configurations during a patch, the only solution available was to have someone log into each server individually and edit the configuration file manually.
  • Fervid needed to upgrade its Kubernetes cluster, but the process was error-prone and would take more than 10 hours because tasks could only be run one at a time.


  • Developed a Windows hardening module for Puppet Enterprise that adhered to the Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG).
  • Using a solution built on Puppet Enterprise, helped the United States Forest Service break down the silos and streamline its provisioning process.
  • Fervid turned to Puppet Bolt, an open source and agentless automation tool, to fix damaged repositories and upgrade Kubernetes clusters.


  • Developed a solution to enforce and monitor federal compliance on Windows servers.
  • Reduced provisioning tasks from weeks to minutes.
  • Reduced environment baseline errors to zero.
  • Reduced time when deploying changes to applications on secure infrastructure services from months to minutes. This applies to both patching and deployment.
  • Fixed damaged repository configurations for more than 1,000 servers within five minutes
  • Reduced time needed for upgrading Kubernetes clusters from 10 hours to four hours.

Puppet is the best configuration management tool on the market because it monitors, enforces and reports compliance. It helps us meet the demands of our clients with ease.

Bryan Belanger, principal consultant of Fervid

Top outcomes of using Puppet Enterprise

  • Developed a Windows hardening module for Puppet to ensure compliance
  • Merged multiple data centers for its client, the United States Forest Service (USFS) of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  • Accelerated changes to applications on infrastructure services with better quality and less downtime
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