About Ambit Energy

Ambit Energy provides gas and electric service to retail customers in more than 50 U.S. markets. The company was named the fastest growing company in 2010 in the United States by Inc. Magazine - and has been in the top 5,000 fastest growing ever since.


  • Ambit Energy couldn’t deploy fast enough to support its rapidly growing business without considerable pain.


  • Puppet Enterprise automates everything from infrastructure setup & management to application deployment.


  • Deployments up to 1,200 times more frequent.
  • IT team can manage 500 servers, up from 30 before Puppet.
  • No maintenance windows needed.
  • IT team can be more strategic.

Our DevOps guys are not developers who code in Ruby – that’s not how they solve problems. With Chef you have to write a ton of Ruby code, and you have to have the dev mindset. Because of Puppet’s resource-oriented DSL, you don’t have to think like a developer; you can just think about the state of your resources. Puppet is great for us; I can’t think of any other way we would have gone.

Robert Rudduck, director of architecture and DevOps, Ambit Energy

Top outcomes of using Puppet Enterprise

  • The team deploys 30 to 40 applications to production per day, up from monthly to quarterly releases.
  • Changes made to production environments so quickly that no maintenance windows necessary. Before Puppet Enterprise, multi-hour maintenance windows were a regular necessity.
  • The IT team is able to manage over 500 application servers in multiple environments, up from around 30 before Puppet, with the same size team.
  • Puppet’s resource-oriented DSL let’s Ambit’s IT staff think about the state of their resources; they don’t have to think like developers in order to make infrastructure changes.
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