puppet case study LV=

Starting environment

  • The LV= IT environment consists of about 1,000 heterogeneous nodes.
  • LV= began with open source Puppet in 2007, and upgraded to Puppet Enterprise in March 2013. The move to Puppet Enterprise allowed the IT team to spend less time putting together and securing packages, and more time focusing on strategic work.

Key objectives

  • Improve build quality. The build process at LV= was quite manual, including hand-crafting of scripts, so work had to be sent back regularly for fixes. This was a massive time sink for everyone involved, and delayed deploy times.
  • Improve change management. LV= wanted a more holistic approach to change management to shorten the software development lifecycle.
  • Reporting. Like many financial services companies, reporting and auditing requirements for LV= are extensive. Rather than relying on Word docs that described builds in detail, LV= wanted faster, more comprehensive reports for the IT team that could also be easily read by auditors.
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